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Pit Master Craig Saleeby

Craig Saleeby ~ Pit Master

Born and raised in the heart of BBQ – North Carolina – Craig brings generations of knowledge, passion and Southern culinary training to the table. His Pit Master career began at the legendary OT’s BBQ when he was only 15!

He embraces the South’s traditional style by only cooking direct over hardwood coals and native fruit woods. This wood fired Pit BBQ style is an authentic process that embodies capturing all the flavor of a wood fired open pit.

Cooked Low & Slow (10-12 hours)
Hand pulled and chopped to perfection on site.

In his free time, you will find him reading BBQ and eating BBQ.

Philosphy: I embrace my southern heritage while smoking BBQ. It is a tradition that North Carolina is known for – pig, pig and more pig. It is a part of the southern culture and community that I am bringing to Colorado. Since moving here in 1989, I thought the only thing that could make it better would be some true Southern Slaw, Pig and Hush Puppies.

I only use quality organic products & Heritage Breed Whole Hogs raised in Colorado.

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